15 Activities to try in your match

  1. Focus your efforts on meeting the goals and objectives for the program you set out to accomplish
  2. Discuss areas of mutual interest, positions, work experiences, future career interest and goals
  3. Attend program events and debrief one another following them
  4. Loan some materials to each other (e.g. reports, books, articles, etc.) that have made an impression on you. Read and discuss
  5. Introduce your mentor or mentee to your colleagues. Point out specific ways in which your contacts can potentially help each other
  6. If possible, see each other in action completing various work-related and school related tasks. Discuss with each other what you were attempting to do and how you analyze your own effectiveness
  7. Offer to listen to evaluate an upcoming oral presentation to be made by the mentee or mentor. Later review and provide feedback.
  8. Go together to hear a speaker or presenter, discuss the strengths (and any possibilities for improvement) afterwards
  9. Spend time reviewing and critiquing a resume and/or cover letter
  10. Attend a professional association meeting, conference or networking group together
  11. Discuss how to use social media & Linked In for networking, and help one another create profiles
  12. Discuss and review how to do informational interviews
  13. Complete mock interviews together to prepare the mentee
  14. Choose a volunteer or community group where you can volunteer together for a new experience
  15. Go for coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner
Group of women sitting in a circle talking