Why is closure important to a mentoring relationship?

Closure in mentorship is one of the most significant moments in the relationship, but can also be the biggest challenge. As part of the LMMP there is a pre-determined date when the program ends in April, however you may choose to continue your relationship outside of the program. Regardless, it is still very important that a closure process take place, as it is an opportunity to boost the learning that has occurred.  The closing of a mentoring relationship is an opportunity to reflect on the positive and negative experiences within the relationship, and grow from them.

5 Closure Recommendations

  1. If you plan to continue your relationship outside of the program, ensure you discuss what the relationship will look like now
  2.  Discuss negative experiences within your match, but be sure not to pass blame – reframe them and discuss what you have both learned from them
  3. The best way to ensure a closure process is completed in your match is to plan it in the beginning
  4. Discuss how you both will apply what you’ve learned outside of the relationship
  5. Plan a celebration of your mentoring relationship to show appreciation for each other, and acknowledge accomplishments

Activity - Planning for Closure

What would we both like to see in April when our relationship as part of the LMMP comes to an end?

As a mentoring match, how would we like to celebrate our time together and our successes?

How can we ensure that our time together is wrapped up in a meaningful way?

What could happen which would make it difficult to close on good terms?

If a negative experience occurs, how will we ensure we learn from the experience at the end of our match?




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