Colleen Breen (left) mentor  Sabraina (right) mentee in nursing program

About the program

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship in which an experienced person lends advice and encouragement to someone with less experience. The mentor helps the mentee to meet their educational and professional development goals. It’s a partnership based on self-awareness, listening and the open exchange of ideas.

A good mentor is a coach, who consistently challenges, inspires and demands that their mentee strive to achieve their best. A mentor’s influence can lead to higher confidence for their mentee and create job opportunities that they had not previously considered. Mentors are knowledgeable in a wide range of professional areas and opportunities, and serve as guides who encourage and facilitate the personal, professional and academic growth of their mentee.

The most successful mentors help their mentees develop the insight and self-awareness that assist them with truly discovering the balance between their personal life, professional life and core values.

About Larry Myny

Larry G. Myny is Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy. For more than 30 years, he has been advising clients and expertly helping them meet their financial objectives.

A strong community supporter, Larry believes in the value of mentoring. Having been both a mentee and mentor, he understands how vital a quality mentor is to career and life success. This program is made possible through his generous support. 

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Kevan B. (left) mentee in Business Finance Program  Larry Myny (right) mentor

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About the Alumni Association

The Fanshawe College Alumni Association has more than 180,000 members living and working around the world. The volunteer board of the Alumni Association founded the mentoring program in 2004 as a way for graduates to give back to current students.

Fanshawe College is the sixth largest Ontario college with more than 43,000 students enrolled in more than 200 programs in diverse fields such as broadcasting, health care, technology and business. 

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About Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services

Fanshawe College Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services offers help to students along the job search path. The services include resume and cover letter critique, interview preparation, a large variety of job skill centered workshops, cooperative education opportunities, free resume printing, access to our job portal and much more.  

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